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Perfect Graduation Photos

Book a graduation photographer to make your day unforgettable, from just £40.

How does it work?

1 - Book a Photographer

Explore our photography fleet and choose a photographer with a package who fits your requirements.

2 - Shoot

Your photographer will arrive with their equipment, ready to shoot on your special day! Just relax and enjoy the experience! 

3 - Receive a gallery

Our photographers will edit your photos before delivering to your online gallery where you download, share or order prints!


Why should I get a Photosoc photographer instead of the UoS recommended photographer?

  • We have a range of photographers across different budgets

  • Our packages are more modern and suit student needs better

  • You can book a slot now, instead of waiting on the day

  • Our delivery times are much faster

  • Prints are non-mandatory, so you only order what you want

  • Our photographers will spend more time on your session and editing your photos

  • You can get a greater range of photos instead of just a standard upper portrait

  • Supporting the talent of your local photographers and fellow students

How will the photos be delivered?

All of our photographers will send you a link to a private online gallery ​which you'll be able to access to download and share your images easily. If you require prints, you will be able to order them here also.

Will my photos be edited?

This depends on the photographer that you book. Check out their profiles and see what their packages include! Most of our photographers will make sure your images reflect their best work including adjustments on exposure, sharpness, contrast, colour tones and temperature, composition etc. 

Is my photographer allowed in during the ceremony?

Unfortunately, unless you are able to get a spare seat for an extra guest, your graduation photographs will not be inside the cathedral. There are several iconic Surrey locations around campus and outside the cathedral where your photographer will be able to shoot.

I'm interested, but it seems too early! When should I book a photographer?

We expect all of our photographers to end up fully booked so to avoid disappointment, get your slot in as soon as you can. Our system allows for bookings within 12 months into the future so it's never too early.

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