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Here at Photosoc, we felt it necessary to bring in a new way for members to interact and learn from each other. Our aim with Photosoc Collabs is to bring new opportunities for society members to engage with one another in various projects. 


This could be anything from meeting in small groups to help improve skills and learn from one another, to large events throughout the year to bring together our society members, allowing them to practise photography in a social environment. 

What happens next?

Please join our Whatsapp Group using the link below. Those involved can use the group as a means in which to express interest in collaborations, with Collabs Manager, Amel Boukabous, helping to facilitate the engagements. 


Photosoc will be running a number of small collaboration opportunities throughout the year, alongside one big event per semester, hoping to encourage those who may not have taken part in Photosoc events to get involved!

'Collabs' is all about experience. Whilst it is preferable to go out and be paid for the images you produce, we believe that by increasing collaborative engagements within the society will help improve skills and techniques for those involved, and improve the confidence of those who have not yet had a paid opportunity. 

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