Member Zone


On top of our weekly sessions and events, Photosoc provide lots of value to our members through Collaborations - our platform to increase shooting opportunities for all types of photographers, Commercial - our platform to provide side-hustle opportunities and our Film Development initiative! Find out more below 


Photosoc's platform for members to participate in fun projects to encourage shooting more & collaboration!


Interested in making money from photography? Photosoc have a range of opportunities to boost your side-hustle!

Develop Film

Due to popular demand, Photosoc can develop your negatives for the most competitive price in Guildford!


Whether it be for fun socials or to learn more about photography (or both!) Photosoc host a range of events


Need to borrow some equipment? We have a borrowing scheme with some limited equipment!


Photosoc merch. You asked for it. We made it. If you want some, we have orders open at select times of the year!

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