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Make sure you join our Collabs chat! We'll refresh our challenges weekly so make sure you get involved in all of them so you can win prizes! Each week, there will be a marquee challenge and two mini-challenges.

At the end of the week, we will be doing a raffle out of who has submitted to the challenges! The winner will receive a £5 Amazon Voucher. One entry per person per challenge (unless told otherwise). The marquee challenge is worth 3 submissions, whilst the mini-challenges are worth 1.


Marquee Challenge

People and the Planet x SUBCULTURED

Deadline: Saturday 11 April

💚 SUBCULTURED is inviting you to submit your creative work (photography, digital/graphic design, painting and drawing or illustration) for our next issue!

💚 The theme of the issue is ‘People and the Planet’, which explores humans’ interaction with the Earth and covers topics such as sustainability, climate change as well as the current Coronavirus pandemic. Your creative submission must represent this theme.

💚 Your winning submission will be featured on the cover of the issue ( Other submissions will be showcased within the issue.

We look forward to seeing your work!


Webcam Shoot

Deadline: Saturday 11 April

This is quite possibly the ultimate "Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera" challenge. Pair up! If you don't have someone to try this with, drop a message into the Collabs chat and somebody will be down. You can take it in turns to be the model/photographer and try and create your best images which will test you to be better photographers in pursuit of good compositions, light and colours. Check out this article to see where we got our inspiration from.

Photo Constructive Critique

Deadline: Saturday 11 April

Not for the faint-hearted - we know it's tough to share your favourite photos and have them critiqued, but there's no better way to get better than receiving a little feedback. We have a huge community of photographers who have completely different experiences in their photography journey, so little hints or pointers from someone who has a different experience can elevate your work to the next level! Feel free to submit individual photos or photo sets including any information for context of what you were trying to achieve with the shoot!

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