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Make sure you join our Collabs chat! We'll refresh our challenges weekly so make sure you get involved in all of them so you can win prizes! Each week, there will be a marquee challenge and two mini-challenges.

At the end of the week, we will be doing a raffle out of who has submitted to the challenges! The winner will receive a £5 Amazon Voucher. One entry per person per challenge (unless told otherwise). The marquee challenge is worth 3 submissions, whilst the mini-challenges are worth 1.


Marquee Challenge

My Space

Deadline: Thursday 02 April

This week's main challenge is an opportunity to get creative and take some photos. Whether you are stuck in your hometown or the corner of your living room, we'd love to see where you're spending the next few weeks. You could use this as an opportunity as a room tour, or to snap some pictures of the beautiful outdoors on your next daily exercise ;) Use the caption to tell us how you'll be spending your time in that area and any tips you have to keep your minds busy.


Random Assignment

Deadline: Thursday 02 April

There's one rule for this challenge. You have to take a fresh photo specifically for the assignment, no old pictures allowed​! You'll need to generate a number below and then message the Collabs chat with your number. A member of the collabs team (Alim, Sam or Amel) will reply specifying your random assignment. No two people will get the same assignment even if you get the same number! Bonus: if you complete an assignment, you can generate a new number and enter again

Professional Photographer Editing Challenge

Deadline: Thursday 02 April

We've teamed up with Samuel Wiles, who's an amazing and generous photographer who has kindly agreed to share a few of his favourite images. Can you edit a professional photographer's images? How do your edits compare? We want to see what you're capable of!

Download link:



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