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Active Challenges

Deadline: 25th April

Make sure you join our Collabs chat! We'll refresh our challenges weekly so make sure you get involved in all of them so you can win prizes! Each week, there will be a marquee challenge and two mini-challenges.

At the end of the week, we will be doing a raffle out of who has submitted to the challenges! The winner will receive a £5 Amazon Voucher. One entry per person per challenge (unless told otherwise). The marquee challenge is worth 3 submissions, whilst the mini-challenges are worth 1.


Marquee Challenge

Quarantine Buddy Portrait

If you fancy giving a shoutout to whoever is keeping you sane right now (even if it's just yourself), submit to this challenge! Take a portrait of your isolation buddy and see if you can either take a photo that truly represents the person in quarantine. We want to see you get creative and do something a little quirky and different with this one so looking forward to seeing what you do!


Food Photography

Yep, shops are badly stocked and it's hard to eat the perfect meal right now. But what are you eating? Is it an international dish? Or your mum's amazing cooking? Or just something simple? Let's get creative and share your cuisine AND photography skills with Photosoc :) 

University of Surrey

Most of us are away from University, but we're all still connected to the university in different ways. How are you staying connected to the university? Whether it's through Zoom meetings or Panopto lectures or something completely different, how do you still feel like a UoS student?

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